Asset & Surplus Recovery

 Asset Recovery or Surplus Liquidation, is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life assets through effective reuse or divestment. Both large and small organizations practice asset recovery at some level with the end goal of obtaining the greatest possible return. Asset Recovery is also used to describe the process of liquidating excess inventory of healthy companies, refurbished items and equipment returned at the end of a lease.

One of the most important parts of the asset recovery process is the identification of idle assets. There are many hidden costs that are associated with carrying idle assets. Unused equipment depreciates in value and results in an actual expense on the books. There are real storage costs for holding and storing equipment and materials. These include rent, storage costs, and loss of space that could be used for other more productive activities. Idle equipment represents capital that is tied up and is not earning a return on investment. Finally, if an idle asset is sold, it could provide an immediate cash benefit to the business.

Disposal and Security Assets can fit into the disposal category if they are hazardous materials and need special environmental treatment. Other assets may be of such a sensitive nature that a company can not afford to have the asset fall into competitors hands.

Asset Recovery and Liquidation with Go Green E-waste Recyclers.Go Green E-waste Recyclers with over 25 years of experience in Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing is specialized to identify and help your business recover unwanted asset for capital.

We are well positioned in the Electronics and Recycling industries to recover the value of your idle electronics.

Please contact Go Green E-waste Recyclers, and let us show you how you may capitalize from recovering your inventory, and unused asset.


Electronic Waste Collection

We offer pick-up, and drop-off sites for unwanted electronics. By allowing e-waste (computers, monitors, phones,...) to be removed by us, you are helping the  environment while ensuring that you do not break any laws. We are currently looking for qualified charities and schools that can work with us to ensure proper disposal of electronic waste while creating additional funding for worthwhile causes.

What Do We Collect?

 Computers, CRT Monitors, Cell Phones, Flat LCD's, Laptops, TVs,  Networking Equipment , Hard Drives, Circuit Boards, MP3 players...


Hard Drive Destruction

Go Green E-waste Recyclers provides a complete corporate data destruction service, and will guarantee with a Certification of Recycling/Destruction that all data will be destroyed. Our destruction service uses the highest standards available by physical destruction. In most cases, we completely destroy hard drives by automated shredding and recycling processes. Please contact us for more details.

Call (949)500-8343 to Recycle your electronics with GO GREEN EWASTE RECYCLERS!


Fundraising and Sponsoring Events

Sponsor electronics recycling event with GO GREEN EWASTE RECYCLERS! Fundraising Events at Schools and Churches: If you are interested in sponsoring and organizing an Electronic Fundraising Event, please contact us and we will work with you to advertise and market the event for a green cause.

Green is the color of responsibility for Go Green E-waste Recyclers.


Please contact us for all your corporate electronics recycling, asset recovery, and household electronics disposal collection sites. Call our Toll-Free number: (877) 274-5951 or simply drop us an email, and we will get back to you promptly.