Electronics Recycling in Laguna Niguel

Go Green Ewaste Recyclers is proud to help residents and businesses in Laguna Niguel recycle electronics responsibly. We offer several drop-off sites in Orange County. We also offer FREE pickup services for Businesses with (8+) Computers and/or Monitors in Southern California for most electronics, including Computers, CRT Monitors, Flat LCD Monitors, Audio/Video Equipment, Telephones, Flat LCD/Plasma TVs, CRT/Projection TVs, Cell Phones, Computer Parts, CD/DVD Players, Servers, Laptops, Hard Drives, Circuit Boards, Networking Equipment, Printer/Fax/Copier Machines, iPhones,iPODs, UPS, UPS Batteries, and other consumer electronics. Please contact us to schedule a pick up for all your corporate electronics recycling, asset recovery, or use our drop-off locations to recycle your electronics and help the environment.

Corporate Office: 2967 Michelson Drive Unit G, Irvine, CA 92612 Toll-Free: (877) 274-5951Direct: (949) 500-8343Fax: (949) 485-6343Recycle ElectronicsRecycle Electronics

FREE Pickup Services for Businesses & Government Agencies: Recycle ElectronicsFREE Pickup Services for Businesses (with 10+ monitors and computers) throughout Orange and L. A. Counties.Recycle ElectronicsTo schedule a pickup,simply send an email to collection@gogreenewaste.com and give us your business name, address, phone number, contact name and a list of items to pickup, with a suggested date and time for pickup. We will respond back to you promptly with a pickup schedule. CALL (949)500-8343 for more information.Recycle ElectronicsRecycle Electronics

FREE Drop-off Collection Sites for Households:Recycle Electronics FREE Drop-off Sites for Households in All Orange County.Recycle ElectronicsWe are proud to offer FREE collection sites in Orange County (7) days a week. We accept Computers, CRT or Flat LCD Monitors, TVs, Laptop Computers, Hard Drives, Small Printer/Fax/Copier Machines, Telephones, Cell Phones, Networking Equipment, Servers, Circuit Boards, and other consumer electronics in all of our collection sites.Recycle ElectronicsPlease click on a city below to get a map of a drop-off site near you:Recycle ElectronicsRecycle ElectronicsRecycle ElectronicsIrvine Business Park: 9272 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA 92618Recycle Electronics (7 days a week by Appointment) Recycle Electronics Drop-off location for TVs (any size), Computers, Monitors, and other Electronics- FREE!Recycle Electronics NOTE: This drop-off location accepts TVs-any size ,as well as Computers, Monitors, and Other Electronics- FREE! Recycle ElectronicsSend an email to: collection@GoGreenEwaste.com or CALL (949) 500-8343, to schedule a drop-off @ the Irvine Business Park!

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Pickup Services for Households (Large TVs, and other Electronics):Recycle ElectronicsWe also offer pickup services for households for large TVs (any size), computers, monitors, printers, and other electronics for a nominal fee depending on the TV size, and other electronics. Please send an email to: collection@GoGreenEwaste.com, with your inquiry, your name, phone number, address, and a list of your electronic items. We will respond the same day with a pickup schedule, and fees that may apply.


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